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Antworks Importer


Importing Ant buildfiles

Importer is a simple extentsion to the ant import task, that allows the downloading, and installing of ant build.xml and releated resources from a URL.

 <typedef resource="org/krysalis/antworks/importer/antlib.xml"/>
    <importer  name="init-0.1" href=""/>
    <importer  name="java-0.1" href=""/> 

This will automagically give setup $(build.dir} and other basic properties it will also add the compile and other standard java targets.

Take a look at the available antlets from antworks.

Installing importer

Download install-importer.xml and run it with "ant -f install-importer.xml". This will download and install importer for you and place it in the recommended dir (${user.home}/.antworks/lib/).

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