Krysalis Antworks
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Getting Started with Antworks



Download install-importer.xml and run it with "ant -f install-importer.xml". This will download and install importer for you and place it in the recommended dir (${user.home}/.antworks/lib/).

Alternatively, you can put the antworks-importer.jar in the $ANT_HOME/lib dir or use the recommended location ${user.home}/.antworks/lib/

Modify your build.xml


Use the typedef task to let ant know where to find the importer task.

<typedef resource="org/krysalis/antworks/importer/antlib.xml"
	          classpath="${user.home}/.antworks/lib/antworks-importer.jar" />

Add the init antlet

Add the java antlet

Add the forrest antlet

Apache Forrest is the tool used to build this website. And of course we used the forrest antlet.

Complete build.xml

 <project name="sample" default="compile">
		Antworks Importer 

	<property name="" value="antworks-site" />
	<property name="project.version" value="0.1" />
	<property name="project.src.dir" value="src/java" />

	<!-- Pickup the ability to import Antlets -->
	<typedef resource="org/krysalis/antworks/importer/antlib.xml"
	          classpath="${user.home}/.antworks/lib/antworks-importer.jar" />

	<importer name="init-0.1" href="" />
	<importer name="java-0.1" href="" />

	<target name="all" depends="compile,dist" />


What to do next

Look at antlets for documntation of the current antlets that are available. It is also easy to write and publish your own.

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